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At Confident Smiles, we are proud to offer Fastbraces® for our patients. Fastbraces® is the latest in orthodontic solutions. If you are looking for a treatment option that can straighten your teeth in less than a year, this is it! Fastbraces® can help you achieve a beautiful smile faster and with less discomfort than traditional braces can.

Fastbraces Infomation

Fastbraces® is a revolutionary technology designed to straighten teeth in three to 12 months. This technology has been in use for 20 years, and we’ve seen excellent results and a high level of patient satisfaction. Our patients love Fastbraces® because they are comfortable and work quickly to achieve the results our patients want.

It’s an excellent solution for adults and teens 13 years and older who need more tooth movement than Invisalign® can offer. This process uses triangle-shaped brackets and high-tech wires and is specifically designed to move the root and the crown of the tooth at the same time. Teeth move easily due to the lower friction. Fastbraces® can work in as little as three months for some patients.

How is Fastbraces® different from other orthodontic options?

The most common way patients have straightened their teeth in the past was with traditional braces. This was a lengthy process that would often take upwards of a year and for many would even take several years.

Traditional braces use a two-step process that first pulls the crown of the tooth (the visible part) into place, and then moves the root afterward.
Fastbraces® does this all in one step. By moving the crown and root at the same time, we’ve been able to achieve faster results than ever before. In addition to this, Fastbraces® gives dentists the technology to help their patients regrow alveolar bone, thus strengthening the teeth. Patented technology is also used to clean up gingivitis around the teeth giving patients healthier mouths faster.

Fastbraces® is also different from Invisalign® because it not only creates straight smiles faster but can also treat some cases of malocclusions that Invisalign® cannot. Severely crooked teeth or misaligned bites may benefit more from Fastbraces® than from Invisalign®. This is especially true in patients with significant gingivitis resulting from crooked teeth where bacteria have been able to hide in crevices and places where the teeth overlapped.

Benefits of Fastbraces®

One of the biggest reasons we recommend Fastbraces® to our patients is because it allows us to address gingivitis swiftly. Gingivitis is a problem for many and is linked to numerous other illnesses and conditions such as heart disease, COPD, Alzheimer’s, psoriasis, colon cancer, and kidney disease. Many people don’t know that their oral health has such an impact on their overall health and longevity and feel that straightening their teeth is simply a cosmetic or aesthetic choice. We cannot stress the importance of straight teeth enough – they are easier to keep clean. This not only lowers your risk of gingivitis and related health problems but actively improves your overall health outlook!
Additionally, Fastbraces® work quicker than traditional methods of teeth straightening which means you’ll reach your desired, healthy smile faster than ever before. This is done through new bracket technology carrying three patents!

You’ll begin to see a difference in your smile in days, and some patients are entirely out of braces in less than 100 days! While this may sound like it moves too fast and would be uncomfortable, patients actually report LESS pain with Fastbraces® than patients with traditional braces! Some of our patients have even had traditional braces before and have testified to a higher comfort level with Fastbraces®.

Fastbraces® can give you the healthy smile you have always wanted. Contact us today for your free consultation, and let us give you the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

If you have questions about Fastbraces® or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at (916) 736-2801!

Fastbraces® FAQ

How do they work?

FastBraces use a triangular bracket attached to a traditional metal wire. This unique bracket moves the crowns and roots of the teeth simultaneously for quicker, more predictable treatment. In contrast, traditional braces use a square bracket, requiring a two-phase treatment that takes longer.

Is it an expensive treatment?

In general, FastBraces cost about half as much as traditional braces. The shorter treatment time also reduces the number of visits to our office, which can save you money as well.

Will I need teeth to be extracted?

This system is designed to be a non-extraction treatment plan. Many patients undergoing traditional orthodontia must have their teeth removed to create enough space. Then, the orthodontist uses braces to pull the surrounding teeth into the gaps created by extractions. FastBraces works by moving the entire tooth, often avoiding the need for extractions.

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